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” Welcome Friends,
I am so glad you stopped by my page and hope that you find something
useful, meaningful, and uplifting to add to your day and journey with
Christ. Over twelve years ago, I noticed something was missing in my
walk with God and the church—it had become unrecognizable; there was a
void in me. 

As I prayed over the situation, the Lord led me out of the
Church and into Christ, his Son, my living water and oasis that forever
quenches my thirst. It was in the wilderness where I came to know the
Lord for myself and his mandate for my life.

Since coming out the Lord established Sound the Trumpet Ministries
with the mandate to sound the trumpet, alert his Bride, the church to
wake up, get dress and prepared for her groom Christ. There is a big
wedding day coming and preparation is necessary and takes times.
Preparation is a journey that we cannot afford to put off. Time is of the
essence. Let us awaken and arise. Maranatha!


The beauty of owning a toolbox is that you may not need or use every tool, but they are there if you need them. May seeds of truth sprout and cause you to find Christ in a new light in “Awaken Oh Bride, A Daily Journal of Awakening.”

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